Re: Nanotech Restrictions (was: RE: Transparency Debate)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 21:40:13 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
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> > > Can you imagine the vengence which would be unleashed on some penny-ante
> > > tyrant if he unleashed a biotech attack on the US or its close allies?
> > > KA-friggin-BOOM brother!
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> >You have more faith in our politicians than i do...and the liberal left.
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> >After all...those same folks are currently trying to sell a kid back into
> >slavery...
> Are you talking about the child who was *kidnapped* by his mother and who is
> being returned to his only remaining parent, as is *required* by law? How
> would *you* handle the situation? By refusing the father custody of his own
> child?

Since the mother was the primary custodial parent, kidnapping is hardly
the term to use.

I do recognise the rights of the father, yet I alse recognise the
sacrifice of the mother to gain what she wanted for her child, and the
child's own suffering in the quest to come here. It is bad enough that
so many American custodial parents are helpless when their foreign
ex-spouses take their American children out of the country and the
American's custody orders are not respected in courts of other nations.
If we fail to support the rights of the father in the Elian, case, then
the hopes of thousands of Americans are likely never to be fullfilled
for their own children.

I would cut the gordian knot by first granting citizenship to Elian and
posthumously to his mother in honor of her sacrifice and Elian's
suffering. I would then rule that primary custody still belongs with the
father, and that Elian should return to Cuba with the father, under the
provision that the Cuban government accept that Elian is free to return
to the US when he reaches the age of majority if he so wishes.

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