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Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 12:05:24 MDT said (only a few weeks ago):
> Btw, I find it curious people are shocked to find that they might
> agree with something Kaczynski wrote. Would they be shocked if
> Kaczynski had written that the sun will rise tomorrow, or that
> computers will get cheaper? Why must a person who does evil things be
> wrong about everything?

I think you're taking Hal's (and Joy's) statement wrong. When Joy says he
finds something to agree with in something Kaczynski wrote, the phrasing
indicates that it's something that's of a piece with Kaczynski's outlook.
If it was something Kaczynski had said about child-rearing techniques or
some artist that Joy liked, Joy would have said that Kaczynski had
reasonable views about the subject instead. If I were to say that I found
something I thought was reasonable in Ralph Nader's writings you'd think I
was being disingenuous if I later revealed that it was something he wrote
about preferring the weather near the Mediterranean to that of southern

The only reason to bring up Kaczynski is as an icon of anti-technology
theology. Agreeing with him on any other subject is irrelevant.


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