Re: "smart guns" from Australia

Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 06:08:30 MDT

My two cents:

1. I think we OUGHT to be able to have a rational discussion of "weapons
technology" without the topic igniting a hypertrophied flame-fest. All
long-time subscribers know that the core question of the right to keep and
bear arms is one of the most divisive this list encounters. Accordingly, I
ask folks to please try to stay on topic and to exercise discretion and
judgment about volume and tone when a discussion touching on weapons
technology comes up. PLEASE. (If you won't do it out of a concern for the
general health of the list, consider it a personal favor to me - you never
know when you might need a good lawyer.)

2. Folks who know me personally know that I am a heavily armed sport shooter
and weapons collector, so my opinions and views should not be suspect by
folks supporting the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.

3. With that preamble, my THEORETICAL views on "smart guns": Extropians are
characterized by an open mind to technological improvements to human
activities. A weapon is an item of technology. As such it can be improved.
Extropians are also characterized by a desire to increase the regime of
individual liberty and the realm in which individuals can exercise their
judgment and power without unduly infringing on the rights of other
individuals to do the same. With that in mind, I look at my guns as MY guns.
 I want to be able to control who has access to them and who can use them. I
want to be able to use them when I want to, in a way that doesn't unjustly
hurt another person. I also want to be able to allow others of my free
choosing to use them under the same circumstances, and to deny their
possession and use to others when to do so suits my goals. If a
technological innovation implements these goals well, I'M ALL FOR IT.

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