Ifeminists.com chat with Rick Mastroianni

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The next guest is Rick Mastroianni on "The Damage PC Feminism
Inflicts on Men." Rick is one of growing category -- men who have
been severely damaged in both psyche and career by false charges
of sexual harassment. In Rick's case, as in many, he was unable to
defend himself as the 'accusers' did not even need to produce
evidence. Come and ask Rick about his case and the subject of PC
feminism in general. Door prize: "Women of the Light: the New
Sacred Prostitute," PB ed. by K.R. Stubbs. "Nine women share their
work, their lives, their insights..."

Sunday, 9:00 p.m. EST, http://www.ifeminists.com/interaction/chat
No IRC required. Java enabled.

See you there!
Wendy McElroy

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