The Brin/Kelly challenge (Eliezer's eye-opening post)

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 16:23:15 MDT

Eliezer wrote:
The reason I'm writing this letter is not to ask for funding for the
Singularity Institute. I'm not even writing in the hope that someone will
create the first Institute of Verification, or incorporate "Genesis Idea
Broker, Inc.".

As Silicon Valley billionaires turn to philanthropy, I hope to see a
tradition of originality, of going beyond the mundane. I hope to see more
Internet millionaires living up to the standard for creativity set by
Michael Saylor's free online university, or the standard for leverage and
global impact set by Steven and Michele Kirsch. I hope to see it become a
rule in Silicon Valley philanthropy: For every $100M spent on mundane
philanthropy, spend $10M on thinking outside the box. I hope to see charity
for technophiles... technophilanthropy

Wow, I was very impressed by your ideas. It must be incredibly frustrating
to have such great concepts but not the capital or the connections to see
them made real. And when they do eventually come about you will not be
getting a slice of the profit pie. But at least the world would be a better

To try to get through the 'screens' that surround the very wealthy can be an
extremely difficult task. But have you even tried, Eliezer? Perhaps you
should write grant proposals to charity foundations like the one created by
Bill Gates and his wife. But I realize they are into looking at 'resumes'
to see if one is deserving as you pointed out. But nothing ventured,
nothing gained.

best wishes,

John Grigg
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