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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 15:00:32 MDT

> > philosophical meaning, Elian Gonzalez must be allowed to remain here.
> > Let this poor boy have a
> > chance to live a human life. If "compassion" is one of our politicians'
> > chief values, as they
> > keep telling us, can't they show him any of it?
> You know, this really irks me, since objectivists are supposedly AGAINST the
> state saying what we can and cannot do with our children. A call for
> compassion is the last thing I want to hear from this camp of followers, who
> blatantly say that compassion should not be a value.

(1) Nowhere in this essay does Peikoff suggest for a moment that the
state should force anyone to do anything--read the words as carefully
as they are written: we should "allow" Elian to stay; the state should
not deport him or his father.

(2) Compassion (and "benevolence") is specifically mentioned many times
by Rand and other Objectivists as a positive value; your claim that it
is not is false. What Objectivists do disdain is altruism, which is
an entirely different thing.

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