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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 14:18:50 MDT

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> and deepest
> philosophical meaning, Elian Gonzalez must be allowed to remain here.
> Let this poor boy have a
> chance to live a human life. If "compassion" is one of our politicians'
> chief values, as they
> keep telling us, can't they show him any of it?

You know, this really irks me, since objectivists are supposedly AGAINST the
state saying what we can and cannot do with our children. A call for
compassion is the last thing I want to hear from this camp of followers, who
blatantly say that compassion should not be a value.

(I loved the part about how the father has no rights since he's Commie and
in his country *has* no rights.. ; - )

The situation, is, quite frankly, none of Leonard Peikoff's business. Ayn
Rand is dead, & no doubt she'd have vitriol against Cuba, but she hated
communists for her own personal reasons above and beyond the obvious
unworkability of the system. She had plenty of bile for the whole movement
and anything that smacked of it. We can explain that pathology, since the
communists ruined her life in a dramatic way. She even went to trial against
so called Commies in Hollywood. She was right, of course, and the system has

But communism is not the issue here, is it? Quality of life is the issue,
yes, of course, and I would rather live here, too, and raise my kids here.
But it's not for me to say what his another's child's fate should be.

As far as I am concerned, Eliezer's right:
This whole charade is one huge "pure headline-hungry hypocritical
codependent bunch of crap. More TV smoke and mirrors to keep the public's
eye on something other than the real deal. My TV rolls endless footage of him
playing happily in Miami while millions of kids *right here in the US* die of
starvation or beatings -- or go to jail for gangbanging or drugs.

    Hey Leonard: I got yer "compassion..."

 oh... And my favorite part is how he proclaimed the Mayor of Miami, a
"political hero" for "Americanism in its original and deepest philosophical
; - ) DOH!
The Mayor is courting his voting constituency who would not reelect him if he
did otherwise.

Think about this:
Whatever you may think of communism, if the Cubans tried to keep one of your
youngsters against your will, if you were his only surviving parent, Cuba
would be smacked down so fast your head wouldn't even spin.
How absurd.

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