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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 07:58:38 MDT


>> writes: "I am pretty sure that the reason for
>>this, is that sugar, not fat is the dietary culprit."

>Right, have you noticed how often sugar, white flour, caffee, &
>white rice products show up as culprits? Does anyone disagree?
>Does anyone have another product to add? I didn't add fat as a
>couple of diets say that meat is not the culprit. I am only
>asking about the ones that seem to be universally condemned

The key word here is glycemic index. Ordinary white flour and white
rice have essentially the same glycemic index as sugar. Switch to
whole wheat flour and if you must eat white rice, eat white basmati
rice, it's a different starch and has a low glycemic index.

As to fat the difference is polyunsaturated vs monounsaturated. I
use only cannola oil and extra virgin olive oil with the tiniest
use of butter.

I still see senior citizens demanding margarine, completely unaware
of the health risks of transfatty acids from hydrogenated oils.


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