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There is an article written by Dr. Gregory Fahy (now a research director at
Twenty First Century Medicine) entitled "Possible Medical Applications of
Nanotechnology: Hints from the Field of Aging Research". It appears as
chapter 12 in Nanotechnology: Research and Perspectives; Papers from the
First Foresight Conference on Nanotechnology which was published by MIT
Press in 1992. Fahy discusses 5 molecules central to the aging process:
Coenzyme Q10, DHEA, Human growth hormone, DNA Polymerase alpha and
Elongation Factor 1. On a scale of increasing difficulty from 1 to 5 he
assigns anti-aging technology to level 2: Advanced "pharmacology" and gene
therapy. Nanotechnology doesn't appear until level 4.

Interestingly, the chapter immediately following Fahy's, The Future of
Computation, is by Bill Joy.

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In a message dated 4/4/00 4:00:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: Amen John! I too would like to see more
discussion about what to do *right
 now* to make sure we all make it to the future we all talk about.

 I've been very serious about attaining amd maintaining OPTIMAL health since
 1 Jan 93. Seven years and going stong. I'm 35 now and my mid term goal is
 to have no to minimal change in my bio-markers of aging at 50. One set of
 grandparents dead/one set alive at 93/94. My goal is at least 100, given
 current technology, which I think I could do. But 65 years from now, when
 AM 100, I might have to revise my longevity plan! :-)
  AL Villalobos >>

Thanks Al,
    Now, can we go one step forward. In addition, to working to maintain
good health has anyone read Roy Walford, MD; Dr. Atkins, MD, of diet fame;
Ronald M Klatz, MD or one of the many others that are working on life
extension. Some of these seem to be awfully close to having a method of
extending life. I believe they aren't talking about a method for achieving
immortality but about extending life well into the 100 to 150 year range.
    In addition, a couple of years ago I saw an article that Geron, inc was
expected to produce a major step forward in life extension within the next
5-10 years or even sooner.
    My problem is that I can read the literature but have no way of
distinguishing between the good and the bad.
    Has anyone else read any of the literature about the work of the life
extenders and have enough background to offer any guidance at all? Comments

Ron Harrison

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