Re: SPACE: Beyond Apollo (was: a to-do list for the next century)

From: Mike Hall (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 17:27:02 MDT

How will you handle the loss of gravity, as well? If you want to retain the same
atmospheric pressure on the surface, will you have to dome over the entire
planet, or will the lowered gravity still retain a usable atmosphere?

Robert Bradbury wrote:

> Of course I'll point out before one of our rocket jocks jumps
> on it, that Venus Lite is going to require some changes in its
> orbital velocity... Just out of curiosity, if you make the
> planet 1/10th its former mass (with the same volume), how
> much are you going to have to change the length of its year?
> On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Damien Broderick wrote:
> > At 03:05 PM 3/04/00 -0700, Jeff wrote:
> >
> > >I'd like to suggest a compromise. Use only the interior of the planet.
> > >Leave in place (properly supported, of course) an outer shell several tens
> > >or hundreds of miles thick.
> >
> > Ah, a novel kind of mass extinction. (Venus Lite.)
> >
> > Damien
> >

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