Re: Professional witness (was Re: Transparency Debate: test case!)

From: john grigg (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 15:59:48 MDT

Amara wrote:
I don't know about "recent" past, but here in Germany (my part, that I know
about) cops don't give out speeding tickets. (They are good at giving
directions :-)) There are cams placed at a number of places, and when you
speed, your picture with your car license license is recorded, and then you
get a bill in the mail some weeks later. Those speeders with foreign license
plates get off scot-free, I believe..

I have a friend who was sent by the U.S. army to Germany and he loved being
transferred back to the states and knowing he could get away with not paying
his many speeding tickets! He hated all the cameras that were all over. He
was not happy when the Anchorage legislature experimented with cameras, and
neither was the public, so the project was canned.


John Grigg
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