Re: Kurzweil's 10% Solution

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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 13:36:01 MDT

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> Hold it! ...lets see
> what double-blind and repeated studies of this topic point out.

A synopsis of relevant studies on very-low-fat diets by the AHA:
"Results from a few clinical trials suggest that very low fat diets are
associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but numerous
unanswered questions remain that make population-wide recommendations of
such diets premature."

Hal's conclusions were right on target. People started reading the nutrition
labels and made choices based on comparisons of perceived fat content.
Unfortunately these same people suffered from the unpredictable complication
of macular degeneration in reading the information on serving size and
calories. As a result, there is increased emphasis on exercise and BMI to
achieve the goal of a healthier population. Also, high levels of funding in
the cognitive nutritional supplementation field is aiding the R&D efforts
for a drug that will stimulate and increase the production of ASSH (Appetite
Suppression Satiety Hormone).

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