Kurzweil's 10% Solution

From: Robin Hanson (rhanson@gmu.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 09:25:05 MDT

While browsing Kurzweil's web site, I came
across this book of his:

"The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life
How to Eliminate Virtually All Risk of Heart
Disease and Cancer
by Ray Kurzweil, Crown Publishers, 1993

Has anyone looked at how good the evidence
is for his claims? He says:

      But by going down further, to the
      level of fat and cholesterol characteristic of societies in which
      heart disease is virtually unheard of, I reduced my risk by 97
      percent. Extensive human population studies show the same pattern.
      These societies that eat 30 percent of calories from fat have heart
      disease rates about 30 percent lower than those that eat 40 percent
      of calories from fat. But societies that eat diets characterized by
      whole grains, vegetables, and fruits with, about 10 percent of
      calories coming from fat, have heart disease rates that are at least
      90 percent lower than the societies that eat about 40 percent
      calories from fat. ... The pattern that exists for heart disease
      exists also for the most common cancers.

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