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From: john grigg (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 15:13:39 MDT

Ron Harrison wrote:
Is this site strictly about discussions of how to terraform Mars and similar
but non-immediate problems or is there anyone, like me, interested in
discussing how to live long enough to get there with the youth and wealth to
enjoy it? I don't think the two discussions are mutually exclusive: they are
both important and IMHO equally fascinating. Or to open the discussion still
wider; am I asking my questions in the wrong arena? Is there another site
that I should be addressing?

This is the place(to quote a certain nineteenth century religious leader)!!
ALOT of different topics are discussed here and life-extension in its many
forms and wealth-building are certainly a part of that.

Also, please consider signing up with the Cryonet list. Even if at this
point you do not want to sign up for a cryonics suspension you will find
some informative posts there on life-extension as well as discussion of how
best to invest one's money. And you might just wind up deciding cryonics is
right for you!


John Grigg
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