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    Ron, you're in the right place. Sometimes here on the list we're so busy
discussing the big ideas that little ideas can get lost, but they are totally
appropriate here.
    Here in Chicago this morning the Mayor is in the hospital for weekend
chest pain, and has already been diagnosed with hypertension.
    Like myself until a less than a year ago, he was a regular exerciser but
hadn't been to a doctor in 10 years. Now we've both learned our lesson, and
hopefully he'll follow my lead in going to the doctor every year. ;)
    Yes there are everyday things we should do. Among these are a good diet,
regular exercise, plenty of good water and rest. I suggest adding a good
supplement program, and for extropians over 40 regular visits with a good
    I think it helps to share little things we've each learned. Like most
guys I like my Friday nights out, it usually boys night out so we used to go
out and paint the town red, on Sat anyone who wasn't married usually went out
and gave it a second coat.
    Unlike most guys, about a year and a half ago I started taking an aspirin
a day as a preventive protocol for my heart. Less than a year latter I
started having stomach problems which I attributed to too many nights out
with the guys, so I started cutting back. Still had problems and they started
getting worse. So I finally went to the doctor when the heart attack like
symptoms started and got acquainted with prilosec instead.
    It turns out we've now learned that drinking alcohol (even occasionally)
while taking aspirin can cause an exponential increase in gastic problems.
This started turning up after lots of us early adopters started getting sick.
So if you like your suds, don't take aspirin (or tylenol).
    It gave me a great excuse to up and plain quit. I still go out with the
gang, and we all benefit cause we have a built in DD these days.
    There is an Investingnode available here to members of the extropy
institute, so I would recommend becoming a member if your budget will allow.
It is fairly low traffic, but has an extremely high S/N ratio.
    Feel free to bring up what ever you like.
 Extropy Institute,
 Adler Planetarium
 Life Extension Foundation,
 National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
 Mars Society,
 Ameritech Data Center Chicago, IL, Local 134 I.B.E.W
    Thank you very much for your kind words. In the interest of brevity I
did a little editing on your email after copying it to this response. All of
my email, that you had quoted is cut. Anyone interested is invited to refer
to the originals.

    Right now, my basic interests have to do with a question: In the short
run what items should be on our planning and action agenda? I think it was
MS More that did a beautiful job of laying out a short term agenda for us;
however, like all such agendas it gets over run by time and in addition is
not the preferred agenda of everyone. I think the poetic way to get to my
meaning is to say that her article, in my mind, is more a living document
than a message written on two tablets of stone.

    I have coined a short slogan laying out my personal answer:
Live long, get smart, stay cute.

    I am sorry you found out the hard way that suds and aspirin don't mix. I
use Enteric aspirin but forego the suds. My friend Bill Wilson says no suds
for me.

    But back to the general discussion. If in the short run we take as a
planning and action item to "live long" there seems to be two truths that are
First: That a great deal of work has been done recently and is still being
done. Roy Walford, Ronald M. Klatz, Dr. Atkins and Real Age come immediately
to mind. No doubt there are others, and perhaps more knowledgeable, that I
have never heard of.
Second: That it appears we have enough to go immediately to work and extend
our lives but that our big problem is going to be to assimilate all the
information and turn it into a workable program.
    If we take the second phrase in my slogan, I think the power to survive
will always be a mainly a matter of our knowledge and motivation. If you
allow me to include the amassing of enough wealth to accomplish our goals as
part of my private definition of "getting smart" then in what subjects
academic and practical should we be educating ourselves?
    Finally, "stay cute." I think there is a lighter side to life; a side
that involves having fun, loving and mixing with the society around us; maybe
even eventually catching a spaceship and doing a little traveling. How do we
become and remain active involved people? I don't think any of us wants to
be the oldest living human being and strapped to a bed in a nursing home
unable to even stand alone. What can we do in this area?
    Brian, this email is far too long. I would love to hear your ideas as
well as the ideas of anyone else that is thinking along these lines.
Ron Harrison

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