A proposal for the World Future Society

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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 17:23:04 MDT

I just wanted to make sure everyone got to take a look at this from a
Japanese cryonicist/transhumanist.



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From: "mizuho " <mizuho@kanon.to>
Subject: Proposal for World Future Society
Hi, this is Mizuho from Japan.

Maybe you know, World Future Society, which has 30,000
futurists as members, has opened "Social Innovation Forum"
on there site and has recieved proposal.
(The URL of the forum is http://www.wfs.org/innovate.htm)
We think if humans had the potential to transcend death
and live indefinitely, we would be more willing to invest
in the future and to create societies.So we proposed the forum as follows;
Any comment is appreciated.
Title: Transcending Death to Innovate the Future Society
Even the remarkable progress of science and technology has failed to
discontinue wars and hunger on the earth. This is because people
see the future as something not belonging to them. If they can see
an unbounded lifespan in front of them, they will start behaving much
better because their future lives will clearly be decided by their
present ways of living. In the past, religions have served as vehicles
of guiding people to good conduct. Today, science and technology can
enhance for this role of religions.

If people who seek the betterment of the future and the reanimation
in that better future constructed by themselves come together
and form a large group, it will be a powerful force in our society.
Its force will improve our society and make social innovation.
We are determined to continue working for the future and to enter
cryopreservation to reach that future, if necessary.
If cryopreservation is necessary, we expect our future successors to
reanimate us. We also believe that, if you live an honest,
productive, and esteemed life, then people of the future will want to
reanimate you.

Why don't you join us and work together toward constructing a the better
future? Then you may be able to open a new chapter of your life in that

Mizuho Hirose, President of Metamorphosis
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