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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 16:12:20 MDT

"john grigg" <> writes:

> Anders wrote:
> One of my favorite books from my childhood was _En Levande Sjal_ by P.C.
> Jersild. It was the diary of a brain named Upsilon living in an aquarium at
> a research lab, dealing with its everyday life and the various odd things
> going on at the lab (everything from its unrequited love of a scientist over
> a severed crawling hand to the mysterious plots of the lab rats).
> (end)
> This sounds like a wonderful book! Is there an English translation
> available?

Apparently, I found this in Amazon,com's database (I might be
boycotting them, but it doesn't keep me from using their pages):

_Living Soul_ by P.C. Jersild, Rika Lesser (Translator)
                     Our Price: $19.95
                     Dufour Editions; ISBN: 1870041097

Jersild is not transhumanist by any stretch, but biomedically
educated. He was originally a doctor before becoming full-time writer,
and this reflects in some of his books. I expect to meet him this
friday at a seminar on evolutionary medicine, might give me the chance
to thank him for the book.

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