Re: Surveilance was: Transhuman fascists?(a case where surveilance was needed)

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 14:43:17 MDT

Spike wrote:
YES! They would protect the citizens from bad cops, protect the cops from
bad citizens, make court cases much faster, better, cheaper etc, and we all
get those wonderfully hilarious "Worlds Wildest Police Videos" as free
lowbrow entertainment.

In Anchorage we used to have two daily newspapers but now we only have one.
To counter the influence of it a group of local journalists put together a
weekly paper called the 'Anchorage Press' which has now won numerous awards
and does a great job of muckraking(in the positive way my journalism prof
taught us the term)! It is a very colorful little paper to say the least.
When a local youthgroup put an ad in it for a summer camp, it wound up next
to an ad of similar size for a stripjoint! They never did that again!

Anyway, in the latest issue the story is told about an APD officer got into
a scuffle in an arrest attempt with a martial arts instructor who was at his
workplace. The charge the cop was acting on had been dropped and the
instructor wanted to talk about it and not be cuffed for he knew he was an
innocent man. It was a clerical mistake that sparked the event. The
stories of the instructor and his students were quite different from the
cop. lol! Video surveilance would have really helped. The story is a good
read. Look for, 'Cops k.o. karate school.'


John Grigg
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