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From: Robert Owen (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 12:08:56 MDT

J Goard wrote:

> Your rhetorical question is powerful rhetoric, but it doesn't really make
> much sense if taken at face value.

My comments, admittedly, seem in retrospect to have a measure
of 'glibness' about them when applied to human travesties and
tragedies. It was late, and I was impatient with the thread --
for which I apologize.

> Some of my intellectual ancestors were
> burned at the stake.

This statement is also powerfully rhetorical in the best sense;
rather a unique interpolation, or perhaps analogy.

> ...the libertarian thought/action distinction...

In my own defense, I might add that the thread really was
about belief-systems and personal opinion concerning the
existence of an abstraction. Perhaps, you too are guilty of
a touch of extravagance when you facilely change the agenda
from psychology to sociology to moral philosophy to juris-
prudence to historical criticism? I doubt that any brief post
could deal with this complexity in a summary way.

> The Beyond outside us is indeed swept away, and the
> great undertaking of the Enlightenment complete;
> but the Beyond *inside* us has become a new heaven
> and calls us to renewed heaven-storming.
> --Max Stirner
> ---------------------------------------------------

Haven't thought of Stirner for a long time; a very
interesting fellow.

Thanks for your reply,


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