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<< Sean Kenny's post got me thinking and I wanted to share something
 with you all.
  Last Nov I was just finishing up a serious weight lifting session
 when I started feeling really lousy. I had been diagnosed with GERD
 three months prior which led to the very extropian decision to give
 up alcohol period.
  Anyway I was experiencing classic head-to-the-ER symptoms which I
 tried to ignore because I figured it was the GERD acting up. The
 next morning I still felt lousy, cursed myself for being stupid,
 and headed to the ER. I got to spend the next 24 hours as a guest,
 went through standard cardiac enzyme series tests and a treadmill
 stress-test. (all negative) An endoscope exam a few weeks ago
 revealed a bad case of antral gastritis, getting better every day.
  My point? Even exercising regularly. eating right, and a state of
 the art vitamin/antioxident protocol is no guarantee. I hadn't been
 to the doctor in years. Now it's going to be an annual event.
  GERD has symptoms that will completely convince you that you are
 having a heart attack. Ever since I've been carrying what I call my
 "extropian amulet". Its a small stainless steel cylinder designed
 for heart patients to carry a nitro tab around in, mine contains a
 couple of baby aspirin, just in case. It is attached to my keyring,
 is tiny, and unobtrusive.
  Not a bad idea at all, and unlike most amulets this one has real
 protective powers.....
 Extropy Institute,
 Adler Planetarium
 Life Extension Foundation,
 National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
 Mars Society,
 Ameritech Data Center Chicago, IL, Local 134 I.B.E.W

    Thank you for your post. I guess you have put your finger on something
that has been bothering me. Is this site strictly about discussions of how
to terraform Mars and similar but non-immediate problems or is there anyone,
like me, interested in discussing how to live long enough to get there with
the youth and wealth to enjoy it? I don't think the two discussions are
mutually exclusive: they are both important and IMHO equally fascinating. Or
to open the discussion still wider; am I asking my questions in the wrong
arena? Is there another site that I should be addressing?

Ron Harrison

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