Re: A intelligence test

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 08:27:14 MDT

Robert Bradbury <> Wrote:

>there are a variety of external influences ranging from glucose
>availability to environmental hormones that may result in different
>brains even when you have the same genes.

All true but you didn't mention the most important influence of all, memory.
Although it is hardly a law of nature it is nevertheless true that up to now
different brains always have different memories regardless of genes;
which makes the claim that a twin is the same as a copy totally bogus.

Jeff Allbright <> Wrote:

>Does having the same computer mean having the same software?

Yes, but by "computer" I don't just mean a box with electronic stuff in it.
>From a logical perspective if they're not running the same software then
they can't be the same computer. That's the great thing about computers,
they're so easy to change, it just takes one line of code.

                John K Clark

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