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Subject: Re: Identical Copies [was Re: Good exchange with Eliezer]
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Subject: Re: Identical Copies [was Re: Good exchange with Eliezer]

> Uh oh, John is trotting out the old canard that twins are
> interchangeable, so its ok to off one of them, since you have a spare. I
> mean, they are genetically identical, right? So they are the same
> creature, produced in duplicate. By Johns reasoning you can whack one of
> them with no consequences. Cops say,"But you killed Bill here." John
> replies,"No I didn't, this is an identical copy of Bill right here, so
> he is still alive and well. That there was simply an extra copy of Bill
> that was hanging around taking up space, making odd noises about how he
> was an individual..."
> Are there any twins on the list???

Yes! I have an identical twin. When we were younger, teachers couldn't
tell us apart. Some people used to think that our personalities were
similar. This is why I am very much against the idea that duplicates are
the same person. I have already had experiences where other people couldn't
tell my duplicate and I apart. The fact that other people couldn't tell us
apart does not mean we are not two individuals. Even if we were to act
identically or very similarly, I still don't see how we magically become a
single person in two bodies. We are separate human beings. Even if my twin
were brainwashed into thinking he was me and remembering my thoughts, I
still would not allow myself to be killed. I rather "me" continue, rather
than a replacement.

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