Re: SPACE: Beyond Apollo (was: a to-do list for the next century)

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> So, if you have self-replicating programmable machines (even without
> *true* molecular nanoassembly!), then "exploration" of the solar
> system, as envisioned by many science fiction writers is a pipe dream.
> [Why explore it when you can build something useful out of it?]
> To argue in support of the goal of exploration over the goal of
> building sufficient computational capacity as rapidly as possible
> [to hold uploads and backup copies], is in my opinion unconscionable.

Robert, just out of curiosity (i.e. wanting to put off disassembling Mercury
and Venus until we've had a chance to really look them over) and a sense of
aesthetic nostalgia, do you think you could do your thing with some other
matter . . . at least for a while?

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