Re: Technological Reform and Liberty (Re: Surveilance was: Transhuman fascists?)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 16:06:51 MDT

Spike Jones wrote:
> Ross A. Finlayson wrote:
> > I would say it would be a good idea for those that carry guns for government
> > carry recording devices that were both required to be on when on duty,
> It would be easy with current technology to make gun-cams for all the
> cops, that starts recording the second the weapon is withdrawn from
> the holster. Would *anyone* object to such a thing? spike

I wouldn't. Considering how much more likely a cop is to kill an
innocent person than a gun carrying civilian at a crime scene, it would
definitely help prevent cover-ups as well as contribute to better on the
job training using the video footage in 'hogans alley' type shooting

However, I'd recommend that the cameras be turned on in any of the
following circumstances:
a) whenever the cop wants to turn it on
b) whenever his heart rate/bp rise above a certain level
c) whenever the dispatcher remotely activates it
d) whenever the vehicle siren is activated

THe camera could only be turned off under the following conditions:
a) the cops heart rate/bp drops below a certain level
b) the dispatcher or others at the precinct deactivate it
c) the vehicle sirens and/or lights are turned off
d) there are no prisoners held in the vehicle

By the time a situation has deteriorated to the point where a cop needs
to pull out his gun, there have already been things occuring that are
contributing to the situation and should be recorded to determine if the
cop was correct in a feeling that the situation had escalated, and that
he had done whatever he could prior to that to not need to pull the gun.

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