The fictional story by Anders about a transhumanist racist

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Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 13:13:41 MST

"... and we thank Reverend Stewart Thundran for explaining why the
Bible shows blacks, asians and liberals to be inferior to us. Our next guest
here at the Annual Racist Conference is Herr Doctor Wilhelm Zuckermann from
the Transhuman Research Institute. Welcome, Herr Doctor!"

"Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here among similar-minded
people. My research clearly shows the superiority of the white race on many
measures: intelligence, certain aspects of physical stamina, personality
factors and overall attractiveness."

[Shows diagrams, the audience cheers]

"However, we decided to find out what aspects of these factors were
genetic and cultural. We undertook a international study, where we did both
a genome and cultural factor analysis. Eventually we arrived at this:"

[Huge, complicated diagram]

"In short, we can see here the genetic basis for most of the inferior
traits, and how the different alleles among most whites makes us better.

We then went on to investigate what to do about it."

[cheers from the audience]

"While genetic therapy on adults is still not good enough, we think
that gene therapy on the embryo stage might work. And germline engineering
certainly will. With the right viral vectors we can cure inferior races of
their genetic problems."

[the audience starts to look stunned]

"In our experiments in animal models, we have found that it is indeed
possible to use 'coctail viruses' to introduce the right antisense
inhibitors and express new alleles to make an inferior strain not just
normal, but actually to *enhance* it.

It turned out that since there are also alleles with positive effects even
in a strain that is overall somewhat weaker than the normal strain. So when
all the bad genes were fixed, the overall effect was that it became better
than the normal strain"

[some members of the audience begin to look worried]

"Using the technologies we have developed, it will not just become
possible to cure blacks, asians and liberals, but to make them into superior

[stunned silence, then pandemonium. Herr Doctor raises the volume of his
microphone and continues unfazed.]

"I see you realize the wonderful possibilities too. Of course, not
everything is genetic and there are cultural influences that are just as
important as genes. With increasing standards of living and education, we
can expect many of factors such as IQ differences to even out. But there are
other cultural factors that have negative effects on people, and we have set
up an applied memetics study group to develop the means to modify culture to
fix the cultural deficiencies of inferior cultures without losing the
positive elements of them; we fully expect a similar superiority effect to

[Herr Doctor notices a screaming Clan member]

"But what about *us*?!!"

"Oh, isn't that obvious. We use the same technology to improve our
defective genes and memes. Just as an example, given the ozon hole, it is
obvious that black skin is a big advantage we better get too. Not to mention
get rid off a lot of stupid memes like monotheism.

In the long run as everybody optimizes themselves with only the best genes
and memes, of course, the end result will be just one superior race. Any new
races after that will simply be different design choices. Isn't that great?"

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