Re: Luddites have a point

Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 11:59:26 MST

> Uh-oh, looks like those email applications threaten the very existence
> of humanity, and since people are inherently no damn good,

People are inherently stupid and inconsiderate, not bad.

>we ought to
> rescind the constutition and impose a perfect, permanent Big Brother

The constitution IS Big Brother.
I suggest we impose a perfect, permanent Big Sister, and a very beautiful
one, to boot.

> network to keep an eye on every last one of us suspcicious characters,
 to make sure nobody ever replies to a piece of email ever again.
Uh-oh, you mean to make sure nobody ever quotes zillions of characters so
they can post a four word quip, don't you?

>BTW: How do you know I DIDN't type it all in by hand????? ;) I'm a
>pretty good typist..

Well, if you did, at the volume you post, it's obvious you don't have a day

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