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joe dees wrote:

> The best definition of a redneck I have ever heard is someone who is belligerently ignorant. While Michael Lorrey is far from ignorant, he continues to revel in the redneckian belligerence which is only to be expected from someone who knowingly and gleefully includes the slogan from Tim McVeigh's post-OkCity truckbombing T-shirt in his sig, and "justifies" this mass homicide-approving stance by referring to a Waco video which is rivalled only by the antiabortion "Silent Scream" in its abject lack of objectivity, while daring anyone who might demonstrate the temerity to disagree with his skewed politics to "take him on" in a travestric mimicry of Suthrn Honor. He is one individual who should be forbidden from buying fertilizer and kerosene, especially as he spouts so much of the former while pouring the latter on every fire he can find.

My congratulations, that is quite a poetic flame.

You know what the definition of a true liberal is? Someone who respects every side of the argument so much that they won't even support their own position. They certainly don't participate in ad hominem attacks. The fact that so many liberals today operate almost completely on ad hominem attacks with no factual substance indicates how far from their origins they have strayed.

Since 70% of the US population supports the 2nd amendment, I hardly see how my politics are 'skewed'. Since all of my arguments are based on the law and the Constitution, I hardly see how they are 'skewed' unless the law and the Constitution is skewed.

I'm surprised you haven't accused me of being a concentration camp commadant, or a pen pal of Hitler or Mussolini, but I'm sure you will in your reply. I will warn you in advance that part of my family is Jewish. The Nazis were able to exterminate the Jews so easily because it was against the law for Jews to own firearms in most european countries. Likewise, the Jim Crow laws worked so well in the South because blacks were not allowed to own firearms in most jurisdictions. Gun control laws have always been the first tool of the opressor when starting down the road to slavery and genocide.

The fact that the prosecution used the quote of Thomas Jefferson as evidence AGAINST McVeigh indicates how much our present government has betrayed the Constitution it is sworn to uphold and defend.

"Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of freedom is no virtue." - Senator Barry Goldwater (paraphrasing the Roman Senator Cato)

"government should get off of your back, out of your bedroom, and away from your wallet!" - ditto

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