heating and expanding

Julian Leviston (julian@tcp.net.au)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 16:37:28 +1000

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True that I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to things that aren't heat-expansion related in terms of expansion. I'm only talking from my own practical experience, as that's the only thing that I know is true. Most of the ideas that are in current science courses are based on theory. Theory in my definition of the word is unverified ideas. I don't understand how scientists have arrived at the fact that the universe is expanding if not simply from theory. And theory is guessing. I'd rather not accept guessings.

If you're going to look at new ways of doing things, you can't think in a mode of thought common to the old. It requires a complete, quick, snap turnaround. You can't keep the old if you want the new.


At 12:24 AM 31/03/99 -0500, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Julian Leviston wrote:
>> Ok.
>> If I put some heat energy into a thing, then it expands. This is true,
>> The heat energy is coming from some other source - say I am heating water.
>Just because something expands when you heat it does NOT mean that when
>expands that it will heat up as a result. You are confusing the chicken
and the
>The universe is expanding due to the momentum of the original inflationary
>exceeding the gravitational attraction of the mass to itself.
>In the gas model you are using, the heat in the molecules causes expansion
due to
>the increased velocity of the molecules increasing the pressure of the
gas. This
>has absolutely nothing to do with the expansion of the universe which is
>made up of nothing. The something that is there is at such a low average
>temperature (only a few degrees above absolute zero) that it is evident
>thatinfrared radiation (heat) is doing nothing to cause expansion.
>You really need to go back to school and take some basic science courses
>you debate any scientific issues here.

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