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Julian Leviston (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 16:13:53 +1000

Personally I think learning how to not "close up" is a more valuable skill. That way there is no window of opportunity and learning can be with you for much, much longer.

But your point is a very good one - when is the point where we need to say "this child needs a certain amount of education to get by in life?" Well perhaps we should redefine "life" instead of redefining the child and "pushing him closed shut like a book".


At 08:33 AM 30/03/99 -0800, Jeff Taylor wrote:
>It seems too me that one of the basic skills that people learn in school is:
>how to learn. Assuming that this is a genetic trait, what if the child never
>wants to learn to read because playing outside with friends is more fun?
>There are windows of opportunity to learn certain types of skills when you
>are young that increasingly become difficult with age. e.g. learning a
>lanuage. I think the window is between 0-7 years. During this time, isn't it
>easier to learn one or more lanuages?
>jeff taylor

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