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At 02:32 AM 3/31/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Watching MTV might not be the most transhuman activity, but somtimes
>there are interesting memes in the overall mess of entropy and broken

I watch MTV as well as VHI daily while working in my studio. I am quite inspired by the art direction of the rock videos. The interviews are reflective of a generational culture different from my own, and I find helps to keep my thinking fresh.

(ditto on your comments)

>Of course, what I'm really waiting for is the day Vacuum makes a video
>for "Great Ideas, Grand Vision". Symphonic synth rock with themes
>about technology, religion and science. Their latest album (Seance at
>the Chaebol) includes celebrations of astrophysics, the Indian nuclear
>program, the optimism of south-east asian tiger economies and
>individualism. Very extropian.

Yes! I know one day, I'll look up from my computer monitor and witness a MTV musician with an extropic flare.

MTV did a program here in LA called "The Couch." It canceled before it really got off the ground, but they did ask a couple of LA extropians to be guests.


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