Re: NOW(-ish): Education

Julian Leviston (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:04:15 +1000

Why must we assess? The only reason I can think of is that the person who wants the assessed "thing" has no ability to assess the assessed "thing" themselves (where "thing" can be anything that can be assessed).

Learning should be learning from the love for and interest in doing the thing. It shouldn't be any other reason.

His idea is perhaps that because they are young (not referring to the physical body necessarily) and they have no sense of responsability - and only a partially formed ability to think properly, they take wrong decisions. They need a good guide.

At 05:49 PM 29/03/99 +0100, Bryan Moss wrote:
>PKat wrote:
>> School like that require you to be a self starter and
>> capable of learning directly from a book.
>This is definitely not what I had in mind. I'm in no way suggesting
>learning from a book or entirely self-motivated learning. If that were so I
>would do away with schools entirely and have computerised assessments for
>self-study. Based on personal experience motivation comes from the group
>not the individual.
>> Young, smart people should never be subjected to
>> absolutely no structure. We blow things up.
>If something has no structure what would motivate you to blow it up?

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