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Tue, 30 Mar 1999 13:17:48 PST

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>Have you ever heard of the concept of "unschooling?" There is a school
called the Sudbury Valley School which has been working this concept since 1970. There are several basic premises, but for the most part they all revolve around the fact that children WANT to learn and that all we as teachers and adults need to do is get the hell out of their way, unless they come to us with questions. There are no structured classes or courses of any kind, and learning takes place when the children are ready to learn. It is then up to the child if he needs help from a teacher or if he feels he can
learn better on his own. If a child wants to learn to read at age 3, fine.If he's not ready until he's 7, fine. If he is encouraged to be curious and nutured in the the right environment, he WILL learn. And, without the evils of tradional schooling to break him down, his curiousity will continue into adulthood, and he will have the confidence to learn whatever he desires.
I could go on and on about this topic, if anyone is interested. Jocelyn Brown

I'm not so sure this would be the scholastic choice I would make for my child. Although I do not have children (maybe in ten years).I would want simply the best opprotunities for my child. If everything were left up to a child upon will, imagine what may come of that(or what may not). I do forsee the necessity for discipline, even educationally. I personally would want to fill my child's mind with as many new idea's and precievable goals for them to choose from. I would not limit a child by their own imagination alone, I would give them as many tools to use as possible. Then as my child grows, of course their choice, is their own, and I would love and support them no matter what that choice would be. But options for this future are imparative. Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

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