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Tue, 30 Mar 1999 08:33:40 -0800

It seems too me that one of the basic skills that people learn in school is: how to learn. Assuming that this is a genetic trait, what if the child never wants to learn to read because playing outside with friends is more fun? There are windows of opportunity to learn certain types of skills when you are young that increasingly become difficult with age. e.g. learning a lanuage. I think the window is between 0-7 years. During this time, isn't it easier to learn one or more lanuages?

jeff taylor

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>Date: Tue, Mar 30, 1999,
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>>I want to create a school for polymaths. Students would be able to choose
>>modules from science and philosophy combining them in whatever way they
> feel
>>appropriate to create an entirely unique and flexible course of study.
> There
>>will be no set course length and students will be encouraged to 'bring in'
>>other areas of study and give lectures to other students. I would like the
>>hierarchy to be non-existent - all active members of the school should be
>>considered students>
> Have you ever heard of the concept of "unschooling?" There is a school
> called the Sudbury Valley School which has been working this concept since
> 1970. There are several basic premises, but for the most part they all
> revolve around the fact that children WANT to learn and that all we as
> teachers and adults need to do is get the hell out of their way, unless they
> come to us with questions. There are no structured classes or courses of any
> kind, and learning takes place when the children are ready to learn. It is
> then up to the child if he needs help from a teacher or if he feels he can
> learn better on his own. If a child wants to learn to read at age 3, fine.
> If he's not ready until he's 7, fine. If he is encouraged to be curious and
> nutured in the the right environment, he WILL learn. And, without the evils
> of tradional schooling to break him down, his curiousity will continue into
> adulthood, and he will have the confidence to learn whatever he desires.
> I could go on and on about this topic, if anyone is interested.
> Jocelyn Brown
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