Re: META: Stop the madness

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 14:19:37 -0500

Nanotek Acheros wrote:

> 1: Stop with the Net Etiquette Moral High Ground routine. I don't care
> if you are offended by someone's lack of snipping. Are you paying
> by-the-bit for throughput? Just shut up. If you must go on and on about
> it, email the blasphemer PRIVATELY and jaw all you want.

Private email is quite useful for resolving problems that are irrelevant to the group, for venting personal peeves about others.

> 2: Stop letting us all know that you reported a spammer. I don't care
> whether you did or didn't. Am I supposed to pat you on the back in
> thanks? Why doesn't it occur to you that two posts that are irrelevant
> to the list are worse than one? Are you a fool?

Yes, bragging about one's good deeds is not productive. You should get your own self satisfaction from frying some rat bastard spammer. However, we are all human and are liable to make mistakes from time to time, forgetting to treat one's fellow listmembers with more courtesy than a spammer would, and considering the large number of people on the list, I'm surprised there aren't more such mistakes, but then again, we have a bright crew here, for the most part....;)

> 3: Put your DAMN SCORECARDS AWAY. I don't care who coined what term. I
> don't care who said what about you. I don't care if you came up with an
> idea in 1905 before anybody else. I don't care if you scored a 3,000,000
> on the SAT when you were 5 months old. I don't care who you know.

Is this a problem you have in regards to people's general conversation or when they are just pointedly bragging and name dropping? This list is a means of being informative and educational to the public on extropy, so newbies are highly likely to ask questions (of an informed or uninformed nature), and very likely to contest facts and posititions that most extropians take for granted as true. Some may be receptive to instruction, and others may just be hostile.

> 4: Stop being infantile.

Uh, what is this message?

> Who cares if someones clock is wrong? Who cares
> about your mouse? Who cares that someone offended you? Who cares if you
> feel you must respond publicly? If you think someone else's drivel is
> bad for the list, don't you think that adding your own drivel is only
> increasing the problem?

One man's drivel is another man's eloquence. Depends on what your agenda is. What is yours?

> Get Your Private, Free Email at

Apparently your agenda is to continue to contribute to spam by using 'free' email services that impose costs of advertising on others. TANSTAAFL!!! You shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

Mike Lorrey