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Peter Passaro (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:35:41 -0500

Arnaldo Wrote:

>I was not being meaningless, i was just stating the status quo of
>You are certainly a Pantheist, so enjoy your God/Universe, but don't forget
>that most people is not fortunate enough to enjoy it too and are stuck with
>main religions that promisse life after death...

Please, don't mistake my intentions - maybe I should have been more blunt. I believe that religion was a major stepping stone for humanity in understanding nature - thousands of years ago. It has become twisted over time into a wrote memorization of rules for living that were useful in the infancy of civilization. But it is a persistent ideology, one that refuses to release its many tentacled grip on most of humanity.

I claim no theology. I accept the world as it presents itself, which I suppose could be considered an ideology in itself. For now the most logical explanation for our existence would seem to be that we (life) were created and shaped from the natural laws of the cosmos. If at some later time it can be objectively proven that we were created by some power mad super being with a need for playthings, so be it, but the evidence is heavily stacked against it.

People are never "stuck" with an idea system. It takes strength of will to analyze your own belief system and find it lacking, but there is nothing stopping a person from doing so. The post caught my attention mainly because of its "wayward soul" conotation. I would hope those subscribing to this list would have the utmost sense of direction. I am not a searcher, not a seeker, but a doer.

P.S. I can't believe I've been sucked into a religious philosophy discussion. Somebody remind to take my frustrations out elsewhere and just ignore it the next time this topic raises its ugly head here.

Peter Passaro