Re: NOW(-ish): Education

PKat (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 14:15:59 -0800

> Students would be able to choose
> modules from science and philosophy combining them in whatever way they feel
> appropriate to create an entirely unique and flexible course of study. There
> will be no set course length and students will be encouraged to 'bring in'
> other areas of study and give lectures to other students. I would like the
> hierarchy to be non-existent - all active members of the school should be
> considered students. Obviously there would have to be some sort of flexible
> awards system for potential employers but this will not be considered a
> major factor by the school. That is to say, students will spend their time
> worrying about their subjects rather than their examinations.

I went to a school like this for eighth grade, except it focused less on math and more on science and liberal art. No grades, no finals. I learned almost nothing there. School like that require you to be a self starter and capable of learning directly from a book. With no structure, the place promptly went to Hell <pardon my language. I lack a better cliche.> The school is now generally considered the last step before reform school for troublemakers.

Young, smart people should never be subjected to absolutely no structure. We blow things up. :p