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Sun, 28 Mar 1999 14:06:21 -0500

Re: Arnaldo's Voyage
This type of meaningless negativity should be ignored, but I couldn't stop myself from replying.

The stars are more clear than they have ever been in mankind's history. We are children of the universe and stand on the edge of accepting our place among those stars. The levels of connection between ourselves and every single piece of matter become ever more defined with each piece of scientific knowledge we gain. We are not a mistake - rather we are the product of a cosmos that builds upon itself - with ever deeper complexity in every step forward.

The purpose of life is life and by every possible avenue to avoid death and the loss of the valuable connections that are created by every living thing. There may not be an anthropic creator - but there is a creator - the universe itself. There may not be life after death but there is the struggle for life itself and the knowledge that every living thing has added in some minute way to the progression of life towards its spread through the universe. Death is neither easy nor dignified, in whatever form it takes and our culture of respecting death must end now. It is our enemy, we must "rage against the dying of the light" with all possible means.

We have nothing to fear though. The organizing force in the universe is irresistable, immortality and the diaspora of life through our galaxy and the rest of the cosmos in one form or another is inevitable.

Peter Passaro

>The Voyage
>In this sailing ship of ours, navigating in the Sea of the Unknown for two
>millenia, in a voyage of discover of ourselves, our creator and our purpose
>life, the navigation stars are fading.
>The elite of the crew no longer looks at the stars, knowing that we are
>more than ‘a temporary collection of recycled carbon compounds occupying
>in a huge and unfeeling universe’. They finally understood that life is an
>accidental byproduct of matter - a mistake of Nature, in the sense that
>consciousness (the metaphorical Tree of Knowledge) is nothing but the
>to understand and fear our physical and metaphysical misfortunes, and that
>there is no purpose in life except the one that we make for ourselves
>the short cycles of our existences.
>But the rest of the crew, the great majority, is stuck in the inertia of
>years of old habits of belief, constantly haunted in the unconscious
>of the collective psyches with the nightmare that there is no creator -
>the whole process of evolution - and therefore no hope for life after
>The ship will go on sailing, until it sinks or finds a friendly utopic
>where we can enjoy our short existences, without illusions of divine
>and get out in a easy and dignified way.