Scott Badger (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 10:47:52 -0600

To whom it may concern:

An individual calling him/herself Belgybayeva Aliya Mikhitovna using the ID # 909847 sent an unsolicited e-mail to our mailing list,

His message follows:

People, here is an opportunity:

Possible Stock IPO, a US company is promising to give away free shares of its stock when it goes public to anyone who signs up to receive a free internet directory -- similar to what Yahoo did at its beginning. And Yahoo's stock has really skyrocketed.

Go to the following web address and use my referral No. #909847 when you sign up. Once you sign up you will get your own number and for every person you get to sign up, you will receive a share or $10 in compensation.

Hurry, they are making this offer to the first one million people who sign up and when I went it today, it was already over 100,000.


You clearly state on your web site:

" Referral Policy

You agree that you will only refer people you already know, and will not use any method which could be viewed as 'SPAM' (meaning unsolicited postings or e-mails) to refer other people. Any use of 'SPAM' is prohibited by, and you understand you may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment for disobeying laws or rules of certain network providers or jurisdictions regarding the use of 'SPAM' messages. The only acceptable methods of referring someone to are sending e-mail to a friend, or posting a link to our main page ( on your own website.

If you send unsolicited e-mails or postings, will be notified, and you will immediately lose your subscription to the MonsterBook, as well as any Referral Bonus you may have earned."

Thank you for your attention to this violation and your efforts to curb the use of spam.

Scott Badger