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The universe is the total amount of matter and radiation that exists and the space occupied by the same and in between. The interactions within the universe are often explained using four basic physical forces-gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear, and weak interactions.

The commonly accepted model of the universe suggests that it began in an infinitely compact and singular state, enclosing a space even smaller than an atomic particle.

Here are a couple models (of the universe) I read about:

The steady state model-The universe has no end or beginning. As the universe expands, the distribution of galaxies and other objects remains constant, with old galaxies being replaced with new galaxies, making the universe appear to remain unchanged. This requires that new hydrogen protons be created spontaneously to keep the density of matter constant, but just how, no one knows.

Balanced universe model-the force of gravity exactly equals the force of expansion, and the universe just evantually stops expanding. (sort of like the balloon theory mentioned on extropy)

Inflationary model-the universe keeeps expanding or stops. If scientists discover there is no dark matter, then the universe will expand forever, if dark matter is present, then expansion will eventually stop.

The open universe model-the universe expands toward infinity, and the galaxies and stars, and planets spread out uniformly in all directions. (continuing to expand forever)

The closed universe model-The universe expands, but gravity takes over at some point causing the universe to collapse.

That doesn't really answer any questions, but it's the closest info I could dig up.

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>Subject: Re: accelerating universe and Leslie constraints/What's..
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>Carol Tilley wrote:
>> > So, what's on the other side of the end of the universe?
>> >
>> >Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
>> It's anti-universe, of course
>> ct
>Actually, the anti-universe is way back when. Since anti-matter is
simply matter
>going backward in time, when the big bang occured, the matter and
>that was not eliminated went in opposite directions in time.
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