Re: why do we need 30 women?

den Otter (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 22:58:09 +0100

> From: Bryan Moss <>
> den Otter wrote:
> [...]
> > Besides, biological bodies are *not* the wave of the
> > future. There'll likely never be a large-scale, multi-
> > generation colonization of Mars or any other planet
> > (save, maybe, the moon) by humans.
> Now I'm confused. Wasn't the idea of a Mars colony to *hide* from the
> uploaded superintelligence's and whatnot? Surely moving off planet after
> you can go nonbilogical would be too little too late.

No, no; it's very unlikely that you can hide from a SI if you're not one yourself. You (only) go to Mars if nanotech or some other "dumb" technology is used for widespread warfare *before* any SI emerges. Upload research should be done no matter what, but the Mars plan may be a useful, perhaps even necessary, backup. Because of the costs, it would have to be a cooperation between various private space programs.