Contrail Analysis II

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 13:29:59 -0500


If you thought the last photos were extreme...


The contrail case continues with pages proposing that contrails are poison spray sprouting up like spring grass. Poison-spray proponents proclaim that contrail persistence, or nonevaporation, is evidence that a contrail is not condensation but a toxic spray. That claim errs, for contrail persistence is a common phenomenon dependant upon relative humidity, and thus contrail persistence is not evidence of poison spray.

Quoting the conclusion of Contrail Analysis II:

CONCLUSION: both my previous contrail analysis and this follow-up analysis present photographic proof that contrails will do the same things that the natural clouds around them will do; which in turn proves that what contrails do -- whether they will evaporate quickly or slowly expand into one of many patterns -- is a function of the natural atmospheric conditions in which the contrail was formed. This is not a new revelation, just as contrail persistence is neither a mysterious phenomenon nor evidence of spraying.

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