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>Too bad Ian Goddard isn't focusing his energies on this
>situation. I think he'd find much more real evidence.

IAN: Mike, in light of the fact that you were only able to support the CIA's explanation of eyewitness accounts with false claims about the content of the CIA video, your implying that my case suffers an evidence shortfall is pretty funny... or is it sad?

As per your comparing Waco and FL800: your faith in the FBI -- the gang that committed premeditated mass murder in Waco (as revealed in the Govt's own FLIR video) -- is oddly strong in the FL800 case, where the FBI currently conceals the identities of Navy vessels under the Privacy Act, and has both lost and continues to conceal most of the physical evidence and data, including witness accounts of a rocket rising from the surface.

(a recent Village Voice article covers a few examples:

Who could trust the mass murders of Waco as they conceal evidence in yet another case with over 100 witnesses clearly describing a surface-to-air antiaircraft engagement sourced to the very area that FBI agent James Kallstrom admits there were "Navy vessels that were on classified maneuvers"? I sure can't. (

Eyewitnesses, including Navy vets, also saw Navy ships in that area (here's the account of 2 Navyship witnesses: Here are two eyewitness accounts of the upward- shooting flare given within a day of the crash. On the PBS NewsHour (7/18/96), Cecelia Penney said:

"Well, we were sitting on my father-in-law's boat, and all of a sudden my husband pointed to the sky and said, "Look! Somebody shot up a flare." And we all looked up, and a couple of seconds later, we just saw this burst of flames, and it separated."

Here's the eyewitness account of Tom Kennedy from ABC News Nightline given less than three hours after the crash (7/17/96) of Flight 800:

"And I was pulling my boat back in and I was tying it up and the guy next to me was tying his up and we were just talking and the guy said, "Hay look at that flare," and I turned around and looked at the flare, and I'm like "Wow, someone must have had some trouble in the bay," and no sooner had I said that than the thing just exploded and it looked like a Christmas tree of fire going down to the water."


That the "flare" he saw was rising up is clearly indicated by the association of its source with someone "in the bay." In the first case, the witness's husband said "Look! Somebody shot up a flare."

23 more eyewitness accounts are found here:

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