Re: why do we need 30 women?

Spike Jones (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 22:49:34 -0800

Gina Miller wrote:

> Coming from a womans perspective, where do you think you're going to
> find, a woman with no legs, willing to have her uterine enlarged, and be
> sent up to Mars alone with a bunch of sperm? Good luck trying locate...

Gina, this world has over 3 billion women now, and most of them have far less to lose than coddled westerners, and far more to gain. I had in mind some perhaps Chinese undersized female, having had suboptimal nutrition in her childhood, contributing to her small stature. Then from that still enormous pool, perhaps some have damaged legs, either from birth defects or from accidents. A spina bifida victim might even be just the ticket, and if so, think of it: here is some tiny insignificant crippled pitiful thing, always marginalized, and suddenly men in suits are telling her: Ling, here is your biiig chance young lady, to do something no one has ever done, to go where no man has gone, to be the greatest heroine since Amelia Erhart, hell since ever. You might die. But you might become the mother of a new race, perhaps eventually the only race of humans.

Bet she would snap at the chance.

[Oh, and it would hafta be embryos, not sperm, so that her offspring would be nonrelated genetically.] spike