Re: When Humans are Obsolete (MSNBC)

Joe Jenkins (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:00:01 -0800 (PST)

> Exactly and precisely. Even if AIs start out unconscious, they won't
> stay that way. They will be more conscious than we are, and in short
> order.

Thank you for retracting your original statement. That debate is dead meat :-)

> Uploading-wise, I don't want to be uploaded with anything short of a
> Power watching over me, whether I'm computable or not, so there's no
> practical issue there.

Every so often, one of the memes left over from my Judeo-Christion indoctrination rears its ugly head and says "hey looky here, you forgot to delete me". Any of us who were indoctrinated and who claim to have been fully inoculated are only fooling ourselves. That meta meme complex is so all encompasing, I doubt its parasitic effects can be fully wiped out short of becoming posthuman. OTOH there are a few beningn or even beneficial memes I've purposely kept.

For sucurity reasons, I believe most of us will need to upload well before we feel totally secure about the process. Meat is very vulnerable. Mutiple backups in scattered physical locations will probably be a luxery we cannot afford to do without. For this reason, I think Eliezer's meme could very well become parisitic.

Joe Jenkins

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