Re: Yudkowsky's AI (again)

Anders Sandberg (
26 Mar 1999 16:21:09 +0100

"Billy Brown" <> writes:

> So, remind me again, why exactly are we so worried about a human upload?
> The last time I looked, our best theory of the human brain had it being a
> huge mass of interconnected neural nets, with (possibly) some more
> procedural software running in an emulation layer. That being the case, a
> lone uploaded human isn't likely to be capable of making any vast
> improvements to it. By the time he finishes his first primitive neurohack
> he's going to have lots of uploaded company.


I think a lot of the discussions about the emergence of Powers and SI are hampered by a lack of what Lyle Burkhead call 'callibration' - are these ideas really checked against reality? Technological development does not necessarily jump, there are always economics involved, humans often act together in a social manner, if somebody has technology/knowledge X then it is very likely that many has it or are close to it too, Hollywood memes are not necesarily true and so on. I think I need to write something like for uploading and the brain :-)

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