Re: MIL: Warfare Basics
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:46:29 EST

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> The aircraft's engines could (partially) power 

> the laser.

This brings to mind a "war story" my brother in law, (some kind of engineer for General Electric) told me one thanksgiving several years ago (maybe ten?).

It seems that GE. builds some odd (prototype) generators which are physically capable of being "de-spun" from their operational rpm (several tens of thousands?) to "dead stop" in milliseconds.

In so doing a tremendous amount of energy is generated in an extremely short period of time. This energy powers a laser. A very powerful laser.

It seems that a large aircraft can carry MANY of these generators. They are "spun-up" by jet exhaust....similar in concept to the operation of a turbo charger.

A multi-shot megawatt (or larger) mobile laser?

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