Re: MIL: Warfare Basics

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:55:19 -0500 wrote:

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> > The problem with ABM systems is that so far no-one has ever been able to
> > build one that works worth a damn.
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> I beleive you might just be wrong about that...
> The Patriot comes to well as the Ageis systems...not to mention
> (admittedly still unbuilt) the new laser anti missle systems..

Patriot is a system for terminal defense from tactical ballistic missiles, not strategic missiles, which reenter much faster. Aegis is an anti-aircraft/anti-cruise missile missile. Its not built for ballistic targets. The Phalanx gun, however, has been customized in a test program as a terminal defense system against strategic ballistic warheads and worked pretty well.

The THAAD is for exo-atmospheric work, the mid phase of a ballistic trajectory.

Mike Lorrey