Re: Curable optimism?

cynthia g. (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:53:57 PST

How about a *functional* or *realistic* optimist? An individual who expects the best, and if neccessary, makes it happen themselves.

I find it odd that optimism and joyful enthusiasm don't seem to be in style. The media (and therefore society at large) seem to find more interest in negativity and angst. I don't see why we can't start a trend toward happiness. The self-help bookshelf is full of "talk yourself into a happy life" selections, yet the bestselling albums are either dark and violent, or sad "bring back my love" themes. The question of "why we are here on this particular planet" is a bit much for a wednesday, but I assure you, it's not so that we can mope around.

And I think that global happiness would occur a lot more quickly if MST3K were available in Canada. We have to rent the few available episodes on video.

Happy Day!

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