Re: what r u DOING?

Anders Sandberg (
24 Mar 1999 12:14:45 +0100

"david gobel" <> writes:

> So...what have you DONE...or are ACTUALLY DOING - to move the curves to the
> right?! Please excite me!

Current activities:

Organizing Aleph, the Swedish Transhumanist Association (of which I'm chairman - at least until sunday, when we have our year meeting :-)

Organizing TransVision 99, a transhumanist meeting in Stockholm June 4-6

Researching memory systems using neural network models, especially of the interaction between the medial temporal lobe and cortex. I hope this will help understand how to enhance memory better (as you might have noticed I collect papers about memory enhancing drugs).

Writing various essays/papers/websites/articles/roleplaying games/artworks.

Promoting transhumanism in a variety of media, both by giving interviews and writing.

Learning more about practical psychology and computer science in order to update myself and my exoself.

Playing around with genetic algorithms, evolution and computer graphics to create complex systems, both as science, art and entertainment.

I think periodic questions/calls for action like David's are a good idea; they remind us that there is a world outside debating how many PPLs that can dance on a Singularity... :-)

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