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> > Harvey Newstrom [] wrote:
> > >The militia movement castrated themselves by confusing their guns with
> > >their dicks and trying to use both at the same time.
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> > What exactly did McVeigh have to do with the militia movement?
> Please watch your attributions. I didn't link McVeigh with the militia,
> Mike Lorrey did.

I said his acts were used as a propaganda piece to turn public opinion against the burgeoning militia movement. As I recall, there were a LOT of ticked off people after Ruby Ridge and Waco, even a lot of liberals I know. The assault weapons ban was picking up steam, and sales levels of guns was up 30%. A friend of mine made a nice pile importing some 20,000 SKS rifles in from Vietnam.

At the time, Clinton had his lowest approval rating, his cabinet members and administration officials were either resigning, being indicted, or winding up dead, and he spent his time increasing people's taxes, trying to impose a socialist health care system on us, and taking more guns away, while his old maid AG was off saving children from allegedly abusive parents by burning them alive.....

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